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Who am I?

I am a Las Vegas native, an avid gamer, and a life-long martial artist who loves to travel. I’m also a writer, which is probably what brought you here.

My work

The first short…

New subscribes requires a new approach

Medium articles are primarily focused on a few broad topics — the top performers. This isn’t because those topics are what the platform founders intended for people to write about, but because those are the topics that took hold with the current audience. …

You wouldn’t accept it anywhere else

Amazon Prime and its add-ons like Kindle Unlimited and Audible subscriptions offer the consumer a huge number of products for one predictable price. That’s great if you’re looking for something to read, but terrible for authors who are trying to make a living with their art.

Offering your work on…

The most punk way to invest in the 2020s

In an era of hail mary’s and risky investments, the way to be punk these days is to lean on the side of caution. That’s what I did last March, and 2020 was my best year yet.

Regardless of what Warren Buffet was working on, I’m glad I didn’t listen…

Few writers can do it all

You call yourself a writer? That’s cool, but what kind of writer? The ability to string words together into a cohesive sentence is not all it takes to become a professional wordsmith.

When summer began, I had to face the music that my Medium aspirations were not showing the results…

The biggest pitfall freelancers face

Freelancers are necessary elements of today’s marketplace. Without them, we would not be able to keep up with the digital economy as we know it.

They provide services like:

  • Video editing
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Software engineering
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual assisting
  • …and so much more.

Sites like Fiverr…


From a Vegas local

What do you think about when someone says “let’s go to Las Vegas”? If you’re like most, then your top five thoughts might be something like:

  • Bright lights
  • Nightclubs
  • Gambling
  • Stripclubs
  • The Strip and Fremont (downtown)

That’s a list that certainly draws large numbers every year, but it only scratches…

Why it’s okay to not have all the answers

Go to any article on the internet and you’ll find “5 ways to solve for X” or “how to make more _______ in two easy steps.” …

It’s not the same as self-help

If you thought “self-help” and “personal development” are synonymous, then you were wrong. While they’re both on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, they don’t cover the same levels on the pyramid.

It can be simple and effective, but easily overdone

Are you stressing over the worldbuilding for your story? Should it have vampires or werewolves, or both? Should it be set in the real world, maybe a historical piece? Do fictional worlds even sell?

Let me say: you’re probably overthinking it.

I’ve written before about how my first book made…

Ryan M. Danks

Adventurer • Novelist • Psychology Student • Lover of coffee and good stories // ryanmdanks.com

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