15 Quotes from Miyamoto Musashi to Help You Crush It

Advice From Japan’s Greatest Swordsman

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By Takehiko Inoue from Vagabond

1. Look Within

2. Don’t Lie to Yourself

3. A House Divided Cannot Stand

4. It’s About Perspective

5. Do All the Things

6. Concern Yourself Only With Yourself

7. People Come, People Go

8. Suffer in Silence

9. Don’t Be Biased

10. Be Grateful for Any Roof

11. Pack Rats Don’t Prosper

12. Consider Tradition, Don’t Follow It

13. The Circle of Life

14. Don’t Be Selfish

15. No One Is Coming to Save You

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Kindle Short Reads author, martial arts fanatic, host of The Intrepid Journal. ryanmdanks.com

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