7 Things You Need to Self-Publish, and 7 You Don’t

Stop treating it like traditional publishing

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Unfortunately, I didn’t count the cost where it mattered most: the traditional publishing steps.

7 Things you don’t need to self-publish your book

1. Permission

2. 5,000 Twitter followers

The follow for follow game is like having a newsletter with 5,000 subscribers that will never read it.

3. A blog

Your daily writing should focus on books that you’ll sell, not blog posts to build an audience.

4. An agent

5. A publishing contract

6. A creative writing degree

The part of creative writing courses that you benefit from is not the teacher’s experience, but the criticism of the other students.

7. An editor

Those books were likely bestsellers because they were different, but publishers are too afraid to take a chance on someone new.

7 Things you need to self-publish your book

1. A solid story

If someone loves your book, they’ll share it with their friends. If they hate it, they’ll share that too.

2. Good writing habits

3. A newsletter

Email isn’t dead, but we don’t stare at it like we do social media, waiting for something to pop into our inbox.

4. Software

5. A deadline

I also include one or two projects I’ll try to complete that month.

6. A good artist and layout designer

7. Knowledge of sales funnels

Always be publishing.

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Kindle Short Reads author, martial arts fanatic, host of The Intrepid Journal. ryanmdanks.com

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