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Every author’s dream is for their first book to be a breakout bestseller. Unfortunately, that happened to me.

It’s unfortunate because if I had produced ten more just like it, I might be rich today. But when you have a bestseller, you compare everything else you make to it. If it’s your first book, that can cripple you, as it did me.

How did that book become a bestseller?

Before we get into what I did, let’s talk about what I didn’t do.

I did not:

  • Spend money on advertising
  • Have 10,000 followers on social media to spam it to
  • Revise the book until it was…

Common Sense Business Practices That Aren’t So Common Anymore

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by Shopify Partners from Burst

When my boss approached me to help him run his small business, he had two contracts with total revenue of $365k per year. I had run my own businesses in the past and knew a lot about the industry he operated in. With our shared values about how a business should operate, we had a great foundation for growth.

Fast-forward 16 months, and we’ve grown our small business by $100k per month to revenue of $1.95M. Here’s how we did it.

Don’t Concentrate on the Money

Except for Gary Vaynerchuk, anyone peddling advice these days has their focus in the wrong place. …


Motivation doesn’t work on bad habits

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The art of demotivation centers around your ability to demotivate yourself toward wanting certain things or specific outcomes. It is the opposite of motivation, which is getting the impetus required to chase your desires.

Practicing the art of demotivation requires that you flip motivational advice on its head. All those managerial rules about not demoralizing or disempowering employees? You’re going to use that to your advantage.

Why the art of demotivation works?

  • You learn to control your emotions.
  • You slam the breaks on your bad habits.
  • You cut negative influences from your life.
  • You free yourself to concentrate on the things that matter, not on the obstacles in your way. …


There have been many, but this one was the worst

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Photo by Jake Ingle on Unsplash

In my old profession, I often got a call from employees asking if they could talk. As the Operations Director for a small company, I sometimes doubled as the Chief Heart Officer, always there to listen.

One day, an employee showed up in my office, broken down in complete tears. It took a full five minutes for this giant of a man to get control of himself and talk to me.

“I’m homeless,” he said.

That blew me away. Not because he was homeless, I’d met homeless people before. It baffled me because my company employed him!

“I’m homeless.”

How could he be homeless? …


Control your emotions or suffer the Paperwhite Kindle Kata

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Photo by Ilya Shishikhin on Unsplash

In the first years of the 21st century…

So begins Equilibrium, the super cool movie that earned Christian Bale the role of Batman. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

The story conflict of Equilibrium centers around what the Grammaton Clerics call “sense crimes” — observing anything that causes you to feel emotion. It was determined that the ability to “feel” is what caused violence among humanity. Take away the capacity to feel, establish world peace.

Easy peasy.

A real-world Equilibrium

While we have physical books, we maintain control of our knowledge — it’s hard to censor what’s on someone’s shelf. But what if we give in to the Digital Age? …


You deserve to live well

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Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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When we allow negativity into our lives, we only hurt ourselves. Negativity breeds all sorts of harmful traits, like:

  • Anxiety
  • Hatefulness
  • Selfishness
  • Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem

And many others.

Psychologists say that we are hardwired for negativity.

“We recall insults more than praise and remember traumatic experiences better than negative ones.” — Verywell Mind

It may feel impossible, but we can overcome this negative bias. According to a former monk, Jay Shetty, three values offset a negativity-focused mind. …


If not, how do you fix it

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Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash

As teenagers, life ahead of us seems fantastic. We have so many dreams.

  • Become a basketball all-star
  • Raise a family
  • Master the martial arts
  • Travel

As we age, we lose sight of some of those dreams. Sometimes, what we lose is for a good reason. When we grow up, we leave childish things behind.

I think we all understand, as teenagers, that our dreams will evolve. But what about those big dreams, the ones that we define ourselves by?

What happens when identity-establishing dreams change?

The teenage version of you knows you best

Our identities are formed during childhood and adolescence. During childhood, we absorb the values of our parents and society; during adolescence, we experiment with these values. …


Mailing it to yourself doesn’t cut it

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

The feeling of publishing your first book is unlike any other. You’ve spent months, possibly years, working on the thing, and now it’s out there.

The hope, of course, is that it will generate an income for you.

So what happens when the book is stolen by pirates?

You’re crushed! Everything you’ve worked so hard on, spent money advertising for, and built a loving community around, has been stolen. …


How to properly manage your customers

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Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

“CRM” stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. When most people talk about CRM, they bring up software like Salesforce or Capterra.

Large companies use CRM software for things like…

  • Tracking where a customer is in a sales funnel
  • Setting automatic reminders to follow up with a customer
  • Organizing notes about a customer
  • Tracking and report sales performance metrics

Entrepreneurs of small businesses, such as content creators, plumbers, and security service providers, could benefit from CRM practices in much the same way.

There’s just one problem: CRM makes for cold interactions.

Before we get into how to make your CRM better, let’s go in-depth into how CRM is used. …


How to spot a fake

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Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Most online seminars are fake. Yeah, I said it. I’ve been had too many times. Here’s what happens:

  • You find great advice on a YouTube video or Medium article.
  • They include a call to action at the end for a live seminar, absolutely free.
  • The seminar is 30-minutes of them not answering your questions while trying to sell you something.
  • You finish the seminar with some additional value, but an integral piece is missing.

Some online seminars are legit.

Most online seminars are prerecorded sales funnels.

Why is that a problem? Because they said it was a live seminar. If they can’t be trusted this early in the funnel, why should you go any deeper? If what they had to sell was of any real value — truly revolutionary, as they say — they wouldn’t need the tricks and gimmicks. …


Ryan M. Danks

Kindle Short Reads author, martial arts fanatic, host of The Intrepid Journal.

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