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Who am I?

I am a Las Vegas native, an avid gamer, and a life-long martial artist who loves to travel. I’m also a writer, which is probably what brought you here.

My work

The first short story I ever wrote, The Sentry, was published in an online magazine in 2010. That began a love affair with writing that has yet to end. Since that time, I have started numerous blogs on a multitude of subjects. In 2013, I branched into gaming, where I found success as…

The biggest pitfall freelancers face

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Freelancers are necessary elements of today’s marketplace. Without them, we would not be able to keep up with the digital economy as we know it.

They provide services like:

  • Video editing
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Software engineering
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual assisting
  • …and so much more.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and LinkedIn have been a godsend to those who want to be free of the typical nine-to-five and work on their own and those without large corporate accounts who need to hire such people.

But are we doing a disservice to our freelancers? …


From a Vegas local

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What do you think about when someone says “let’s go to Las Vegas”? If you’re like most, then your top five thoughts might be something like:

  • Bright lights
  • Nightclubs
  • Gambling
  • Stripclubs
  • The Strip and Fremont (downtown)

That’s a list that certainly draws large numbers every year, but it only scratches the surface of what Vegas has to offer.

I grew up in this weatherless death trap of endless heat. Seriously, we went over 240 days with no rain in 2020. As if that year didn’t suck enough already. But growing up here has a few upsides.

  • If you work for…

Why it’s okay to not have all the answers

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Go to any article on the internet and you’ll find “5 ways to solve for X” or “how to make more _______ in two easy steps.” This may be great advice, but what if you have ambitions to become a writer but don’t have a twelve-step plan to help someone solve a problem?

The internet is obsessed with solving problems. That’s a good thing since we use the internet to find solutions to what ails us. But we’ve gotten to a point where we have more answers than we do questions. Why? …

It’s not the same as self-help

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If you thought “self-help” and “personal development” are synonymous, then you were wrong. While they’re both on Maslow’s , they don’t cover the same levels on the pyramid.

It can be simple and effective, but easily overdone

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Are you stressing over the worldbuilding for your story? Should it have vampires or werewolves, or both? Should it be set in the real world, maybe a historical piece? Do fictional worlds even sell?

Let me say: you’re probably overthinking it.

. That product line included seven other supplemental books. In total, the line has brought in a little more than $100,000 in revenue. Surprising, considering how it has been criticized for bad grammar and run-on sentences.

I attribute 100% of the success of that line to worldbuilding.

“But the setting,”…


Ancient wisdom from a master of deception

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For decades, business people all over the world have equated negotiation to warfare, and many have used Sun Tzu’s treatise The Art of War as an instruction manual to set the odds in their favor.

Think about the last job interview you had. You sat across the table from someone in what you thought was a conversation about whether or not you were a good fit for that position and their company culture. But that was only half of it. …


Small towns could see a boost to their local economies

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Have you ever taken a cross-country road trip and visited some of the more charming places in America? The big cities may house America’s culture and economic interests, but the small towns are the birthplaces of our soul and charm. Unfortunately, .

This decline is due to how our modern digital economy coalesces around big cities and their tech and pharmaceutical companies. Not only have small rural towns missed out on this tech boom, but their residents left to take advantage of the better economic opportunities offered in coastal cities.



We know they’re coming, but we’ve been teased before

Still from Marvel’s Loki on Disney+

Loki’s Disney+ debut is upon us, and he is revealing some pretty big things about the Marvel universe. Infinity stones as paperweights? Man, is Thanos going to be pissed? Was pissed…is pissed? The timeline is all very confusing. Fortunately, we have Loki on the scene to sort it all out for us.

There may be spoilers here, so make sure that you catch up with at least the first episode of Loki before reading.

Loki is the . Considering how good The Mandalorian is, that’s not a small feat. But as interesting as the TVA is…

Retro Rewind

A Star Wars story

Art by FanFare. Original Image: Lucasfilm
Retro Rewind is a weekly series that reconsiders pre-2000 pop culture. .

Almost everybody grew up with Star Wars in some fashion. Whether it was Luke, Anakin, or Rey, you watched someone lost in a galaxy far, far away learn the ways of the Jedi and struggle with the temptations of the Dark Side of the Force.

Well, I didn’t. Not really. Not right away. I was seventeen before I gave Star Wars a definite shot. It’s not that Star Wars didn’t exist when I was a youngling. The original trilogy ended the year after I was born. …

Ryan M. Danks

Content Writer • Fiction Author • Martial Artist • Lover of coffee and good stories /

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