How to Write a Finished First Draft

From authors who write a million publishable words a year

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The following two years felt like a slog as I worked through edits of my 50k word draft.

What going back to edit a terrible first draft tells your subconscious

The two sides of your brain are not compatible. They’re not even friends.

But if you set the creative side free, without fear of criticism, it’ll produce the best writing you’ve ever created.

The sides of your brain are not mutually exclusive

One side can be dominant, however, and that’s where the secret lies.

How to edit while using your creative side

Cycling back while writing

But if you go back and edit while still writing, then that editing becomes part of your creative flow.

Why cycling works

Isn’t that close to the traditional writing advice?

Copyediting as a cycler

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pantser or a plotter

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